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Golden Kanine - Munich, 20 February 2012

Golden Kanine in Munich
Life is constant change and I am changing with it, but there are also some things that are carved in stone - just like this:

I desperately hate CARNIVAL!

Carnival like all other events that require "fun mode" just because it is a special date on the calendar are creepy and make me feel uncomfortable. I prefer to be in a good and silly mood just when I AM in a good and silly mood. I also do not like to dress up in a costume and if I have to I prefer the Gothic Halloween style.

Thank god I am not alone. Actually I work with a bunch of guys, who just like me do not care about carnival at all, but dig a nice rock show. So on Monday (Rosenmontag) we stopped working at a slightly less silly late time than usual, went for dinner together and then to the show of the Swedish rock/folk/indie band Golden Kanine at the 59:1 Club in Munich

When I came to
Munich I went to the Atomic Cafe a couple of times but that made me mostly feel homesick missing my long lost "Rolling Stone" and so I ended up with never really going to Rock Clubs in Munich. I went to a couple of shows over the years in smaller and bigger venues, but none of them was really appealing to me.
59:1 now is right in the Munich city center just a few steps away from Sendlinger Tor, which means only ten minutes by subway from my home - NICE. It is compared with our formerly holy halls at the "Rolling Stone" small (it would be just the 2/3 of the café part ... for my fellow insiders who danced through a million noisy nights with me about two decades ago *ouch*),  but I liked it. It has least has the unavoidable black and white classic posters of The Ramones and The Red Hot Chili Peppers posters on the wall. That is nothing like the huge portrait gallery of Rock 'n' Roll heroes we were once used to, but it's a good start. 

The crowd
that night was small but enthusiastic and - young. BOY ... did I feel old, but looking at these kiddo hipsters I was kind of fine with it. Who would seriously like to go back to this weird stadium of existence? I don't - really. 

Old and overworked as I am I have to admit that I am really exhausted tonight and I hope you forgive me, when I simply link to the website of Golden Kanine for more information about the band's history and background. At that website I also found some words that really nicely describe the music and I shamelessly steal them for you:

"(...) they had fallen in love with the idea of a more dynamic sound with more versatile instrumentation than just the classic rock setting of guitars, bass and drums. The idea incorporated the thought of a wall of snares, mandolins, trombones, banjos, guitars, fuzz bass guitar, pianos, the eventual pump organ and trying to combine the sonic noise of indie rock, the delicate and intimate feel of lo-fi and the more danceable parts of folk music."

The concert did not blow me totally away like the one of Friska Viljor, who just hit a very soft spot in my heart in a perfect moment, but it was a really GOOD show. The boys know how to play, both singers have good and strong voices, the set up of instruments is interesting and the level of energy put on stage is infectious. A Golden Kanine show is actually lots of fun. I can totally see, why lots of people, who had heard them as support act for Mando Diao before, came back now to see the boys again and support them. 

If you want to go out for a fun night with a nice show in a small club played by a bunch of really nice Swedish guys you should check out the tour schedule of Golden Kanine here

A couple of pictures from the show:

And a video to watch and listen:

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