Monday, December 19, 2011

Resolution & Inspiration

People who do not use social media have lots of prejudices about it. You hear stuff like "You sit alone in front of your computer - it's lonely." Or "When you are home with your notebook you cannot find any inspiration." 
As a social media addicted person I can proof it all wrong. Of course you need to go to meet people out there. Also a good portion of fresh air and enjoying the beauty of mother nature is good, healthy and inspiring, but social media is very powerful as well. 

I met not only fantastic people that way, made new friendships and recovered old ones, the internet and especially the social media platforms have been also a great source of inspiration
One reason for the inspirational power is that is so easy to share your thoughts and ideas but also your great findings - like this one (I even forgot who shared it first), which is one my all time favorites:

Not only the name is awesome, but also the selection of quotes, pieces of art, movie quotes and much more you can find here.

And it was the place where I found my perfect resolution and inspiration for 2012: 

That's the plan. 

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