Thursday, November 10, 2011

Media Buzz - The Lady Power Edition

As you know my little Snappy fish morphed into the ususal pre-christmas-shark with an unstoppable appetite for my time. 12 hours workdays plus 2 hours commute are the standard at the moment and so my writing time is really short.

What to do about it? Not posting? Naaaa. Write nonsense without putting some time and thought into it? Naaa. Let awesome people write for me? YES!

1) Please check out this beautiful article Michelle Fabio of  Bleeding Espresso (a must-read-blog) wrote for The Ambassador Magazine - The official magazine of the Italian American Foundation.

Profile:  Gina de Palma - Fighting Ovarian Cancer, Italian American Cowgirl Style

Michelle turns the spotlight on our amazing friend Gina de Palma, who is not only "a hell of a girl", a James Beard Award winning pastry chef at Babbo, New York, a great cook book writer, but also a cancer warrior fighting ovarian cancer since 2008. 

Besides battling her own disease with all she got, Gina also started the a non profit organization called The Cowgirl Cure Foundation (donations welcome) to raise awareness, teach us ladies to take care for ourselves and support the research for better medications and cure.
Please also check out my blog post about ovarian cancer here for more information.

Gina you meet one of my best and oldest friends, who is one of the most influential persons in my life. She not only invited me over 10 years ago to New York for my first US trip ever, she also introduced me to Twitter when she chose it as her way to share her most recent updates and best way to stay in touch. What a life changer, because Twitter and me?  LOVE ever since :)

2) You remember when I told you about the AMAZING,
custom handmade Pittsburgh skyline pendant I won joining a social media contest of jewelry designer Sharon Massey? Check out the whole story here

A little while ago now journalist Emily Pesko of Point Park News Service wrote me an email that she planned to write a feature about Sharon and would like me to answer some questions about me being an international customer of Jewelry N’at”, winning the contest, Pittsburgh and my pendant. I of course was happy to get back to her with some words and the result is this lovely article about Sharon, that was just published at the Pittsburgh Tribune

Pittsburgh-area artists cater to an international market

Of course Emily could not use all the stuff I sent her (never ask a writer for short answers - #fail), but I would like to use the chance to post here an additional paragraph out of my email.

The question was if I would say that Jewelry N’atis a good representation of the city and I put some of the stuff that makes Pittsburgh special for me into the answer:

"One of the things that fascinates me about Pittsburgh is that people who live there, who are natives but live somewhere else or sometimes even just came along as visitors (like me), have such a strong bond with the city, represent it with proud and defend it against stupid old prejudices (like that is grey, dirty and boring) if necessary with lots of passion. Pittsburgh has a special, hard to describe magic for people who are open to it. The city has also a lot of very talented artists who use their creativity to support and represent their hometown and make the city, its history and special state of mind part of their work. Sharon is one of these great artists and yes, I think she is a perfect representative of the city."  

Thanks for reading and meeting some of my favorite ladies!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! Hope all is well with you :) xx

  2. You are very welcome - it is a great article! All well here except the ussual Christmas madness at work - just like you had fun ;) with the olives. I hope you had a rich harvest and will have fantastic oil!