Monday, October 24, 2011

The evolution of the fish and other random thoughts

This week I did not really feel the energy to write much and I thought about skipping this post but I decided not to. Instead I will tell you a bit more about why time might a bit short for blogging for a while and post some short news from the last week.

The evolution of the fish ...
This is a good chance to tell you a bit more about something I did not talk much about here yet - my work. Let me introduce you to Snappy - that is the cute fishy friend on the left hand side. He is my boss. Kind of.

As you may have guessed a person that is on Twitter, Facebook, google + (*yawn*) etc and writes a blog, has a serious crush on the internet and might make the money for living online, too. Correct - that's the way it is. I am working for eCommerce companies for more than 11 years now and very soon, November 1st, I have my 4th anniversary of working with Snappy.

Our fish was born about 11 years ago in San Francisco, CA. He is a happy little creature and he works with photos - Snapfish by HP is a photofinishing service. That means that you can upload your photos from your camera, computer, Facebook, Flickr and so on to our website. Once you have your pictures stored you can share them, improve them with great online tools and - most importantly order prints and create and order a whole LOT of fantastic photo products like books, calendars, cards, mugs and many more. 

I am working in the European marketing team but Snappy - the native Californian - has residences in over 20 countries around the world from the US over to Europe over to Asia and Australia.

As you can imagine our products make wonderful Christmas gifts for a couple of reasons:

- You can create absolutely personal and individual gifts with your own pictures.  
- We offer great products for very good prices and we crazy marketing people also offer you lots of great deals to save some money. Make sure you sign up for the newsletters to not miss the best offers and to make me and my colleagues happy, who send you the funny little mails ;)
- There is a huge world wide team behind Snappy - lovely, crazy (the best way), smart and talented people, who especially in the wild Christmas season work very hard to make you and your loved ones, who will receive your gifts, happy. You always thought eCommerce is kind of anonymous business? See - it's not. It's me and my fellow Snappy people :)

As you can imagine Christmas season is our busiest part of the year and that is the time when for us behind the scenes Snappy turns from a cute little fish into a big time eating shark (the evolution of the fish ;)). So bear with me if my blog posts will be a bit shorter and not so in time every weekend - I am very likely busy filling Santa's bag ;)

And if you have friends and family who also work in Christmas business - be nice to them in the next weeks even if they make themselves scarce. We need a bit of special patience, extra hugs and lots of homemade cookies. Oh - and one or two glasses hot wine punch don't hurt, too. Thank you :)

WOW ... look at my blog baby ...

A little while ago my dear friend, the Pittsburgh poet and writer Justin Hopper, encouraged me to introduce my blog and especially the parts about The Burgh to the team of Pop City Media - one of my favorite Pittsburgh websites I read on regular basis for over a year already.
To my great pleasure they liked what they read and in the past week they featured the blog in their buzz section. I am feeling really honored and LOOK what it did to my blog statistics! That is the October graph and guess, when the newsletter went out. Awesome isn't it? Thanks so much for the shout out and the support.

Dear new readers:  Welcome to my blog! I will keep on writing about Pittsburgh. My next trip is planned for early 2012 and another one for September 2012.  Of course I will post here my travel diaries again with lots of pictures and stories about my favorite city. So watch out :)

Speaking about blog statistics ...
As incredible as the results after the Pop City Media shout out have been, so small have been the click rates on last week's post about bone marrow / stem cell donation and that made me a sad panda, because it is one of my most important blog posts ever.

I of course cannot force you to read it and I totally understand that reading about cancer is not exactly fun, but this post is not about death - it is about life and how relatively easy it can be to save a life. So if you have a spare minute, please check it out and give the whole thing a thought. It is so important that as many people as possible register to give patients with no related donor the chance to live. Thank you in advance for your time and attention. 

Never judge the magic of a moment too early ...
Do you remember when I bought about a year ago tickets for a Pittsburgh Penguins game in February 2011 and organized my New York and Pittsburgh vacation around it?  Do you also remember how only weeks / days later Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin - two of the world's best hockey players - suffered season ending injuries both still not yet fully recovered from? I was not exactly a lucky person, I have to say.

I loved going to my game anyway. I enjoyed it a lot and thank god nobody hurt Kris Letang and Marc-André Fleury and so I got to see two of my favorite players. What I did not realize the moment it happened was, that my game was a very special one - it was James Neal's first game for the Pens. Shame on me, but I barely paid attention. I was more like: "Aha - two new dudes. Anyway ... where is Tanger? Ah - there he is."  

Dear James, sorry for being so ignorant. To see you playing and scoring and scoring and scoring this season is pure pleasure.  I - and I think with me a LOT of Pens fans - am very happy to have you in Pittsburgh. Thank you very much for a GREAT start into the new season and keep it comin'! 

I will be very likely back to Pittsburgh in February / March 2012 for another home game and this year I will definitely watch out for our top scorer with #18.

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  1. *LOL* Tina, getting devoured by the happy shark again (or maybe it´s something like the whale that swallowed Jonah?)- It´s that time of the year once more! I´ve been witnessing those commercial firm hysterics from afar for the last years now, with Tina having to serve the fish from early morning to late at night, so that´s when my fish allergy really kicks in. But then, on the other hand, I have to remind myself that by paying Tina a good salary for getting fed on (are we doing that to fish, the other way round? No!), the happy shark provides for her traveling adventures and thus, unbeknownst to itself, kind of sponsors this blog and especially the PGH live parts as well. Exhaustion in December makes for joy and excitement in - February?! We´ll see, we´ll read. We hope. Go snappy - GO TINA!