Friday, September 9, 2011

I got an old tune ...

This morning I launched Twitter and found Pearl Jam trending in the US. Always when I see somebody trending who I like, I am scared the person died and the horrible loss of a complete hockey team of fantastic, talented young men (dads, sons, brothers) from 10 different nations in a Russian plane crash on Wednesday did not make it any better.

Thank god nothing bad at all happened to Pearl Jam - the opposite is the case: They celebrated their 20th band birthday with a two days festival packed with amazing bands and of course a giant Pearl Jam set per night. That's Rock 'n' Roll how I LOVE IT!  You can read about the big party in this enthusiastic Rolling Stone article.

One of  the highlights of the festival was Pearl Jam with Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell performing "Hunger Strike". This song made me cry almost every single time I listened to it ... 20 years ago and right now.