Sunday, September 4, 2011

I got a new tune ...

I spent the last week at my sister's home in Northern Germany to take care for my almost 2-year-old niece while her parents had to work (later more about this).

One important difference between my sis & her husband and me is, that the two are much less lazy when it comes to music. They are still very up to date and have all the cool new stuff at home. I guess one big advantage is that the "our" record shop, where my sis and I worked and my brother in law is a regular for YEARS, still exists and is feeding them with new things to listen to. Being there last weekend I realized how much I miss a place like that. I do not want huge anonymous CD departments at big electronic shops. These places SUCK. 

So when my brother in law is playing music in the evening usually a big stream of new sounds is hitting my ears. We share the general taste of music and so it's always pretty interesting. Some tunes I usually book as "Nice, but I have kind of the same thing at home." Sometimes I just think "That is pretty loud and I can't take it now." Some others are very familiar like "Ah nice - the new Beastie Boys!" ..... And sometimes it's all "W.O.W. - what's that? I NEED THIS SONG!"

And that is what happened this time. I was sitting with my sister in the kitchen, when I heard this song and fell in love immediately. And zick zack ... bought the record on iTunes (our record shop was sadly out of stock), because I couldn't wait a single day to get it and my physical copy  - yes, I am that old fashioned, when I really love a record I actually want a RECORD
- is on the way. 

Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever

"But I can hear you louder than ever 
Whisper to me, help me remember 
I can't see you but we're still together 
I can hear you louder than ever"

PS: Pittsburgh - Don't miss the Cold War Kids at 5 November 2011 @ Mr. Smalls Theater 
PPS: Yes, I am aware that the record came out over six months ago, but I told you - I am not up to date anymore ;)


  1. Doesn't matter that "Mine Is Yours" came out a while ago, because
    a) at least nobody knows "Cold War Kids"
    b) it's the album of the year 2011
    BTW: My husband and me first heard about this absolutely gorgeous band on a TV show called Arte "Tracks" - love it!

  2. Let me add something to my former comment:
    Yes, "Louder Than Ever" makes you feel good and it's a great relief to listen to it "louder than ever" and sing, but my personal No. 1 is still "Broken Open":
    I’m up and down that way
    It’s easier to say that I’m doing okay
    Than bother to explain
    The water rising
    Best way to listen to it: headphones!