Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Secret Agent L - MISSION: Save a Life. Please read!

Let me interrupt the stream of happy, sunny postings about the great time I had in California for this important note:

If you remember my travel blog posts from February this year, then you might remember how I told you that one of the things I love most about Pittsburgh is the surprisingly high concentration of fantastic people. And one of the loveliest people I met during my pretty amazing days in Western Pennsylvania is for sure Laura - better known in the world outside as Secret Agent L.

This girl spread so much love and happiness and hope and kindness over this crazy planet with her Secret Agent L Project that it is incredible and almost too good to be true.
 And Laura herself was, when I met her finally in person, a pure source of light. We had a fantastic evening together, which ranks within my favorite Pittsburgh memories.

But where is light, there is shadow - and in this case even a very serious amount of darkness. So please READ NOW the incredibly intense and brave blog post this fantastic girl posted today to raise awareness for mental illness by revealing her own difficult struggle with severe depressions.

I was never close to such a deep point in my life, but after my mom's struggle with cancer, her death and the horrible time of giving up our family apartment I had to face a post traumatic depression, which was serious enough to make me seek for help. Luckily I found it, got the right therapy and the right medication that helped me to stabilize myself again. Today - some years later - I am totally fine and off any medication for a long time already. I got help. I got cure.

We all deserve happiness. If you have trouble finding it because your soul lets you down seriously, please go and get help. Don't be afraid or ashamed. There is no reason for it.

Read the Secret Agend L blog post HERE!

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