Sunday, August 14, 2011

NoCa & San Francisco Day 6-8 - Work & Fun

Good morning San Francisco

I decided to summarize the next couple of days in one posting because they were very busy with meetings and work and not so much stuff that is exciting for you - my blog readers. It was fantastic to spend so much time with our US team and I learned a lot. I am really looking forward to come home and make all the things happen we talked about in the last week.


On Wednesday night we went out for our team dinner to a restaurant called SALT HOUSE. It is just a short walk away from our office and a favorite of some of my local colleagues. It is a nice and obviously popular place with an open kitchen, where you can watch the chefs working on your food.

We started with sharing a whole set of different starters. I tried the oysters (the one I had was good, but the ones I had a couple of years ago in Berkeley were a tiny bit better), crisp shrimps (very nice), some more mussels, salad and veggies, delicious nuts roasted in honey and olive oil and ... poutine. Believe it or not ... that was my very first poutine ever and I am glad that we do not have it in Germany. It would be such a threat for my weight loss program.

As my main dish I chose cod, because I really felt like having some fish that day and it was very good, but when I saw the fantastic steak some people around me had ordered I regretted my choice a tiny little bit. This steak looked SO GOOD!
The dessert was a layered chocolate cake, which was super delicious but there is in general not much that can go wrong once Valrhona chocolate is involved.

545 Mission Street
San Francisco 94105
415 543 8900


Thursday after work I was simply exhausted. Already over the day I heard my bed calling my name from across Folsom Street and I was ready to follow the call.

So the only thing I did was going to Chipotle Mexican Grill (the fast food restaurant chain that had already fed me a couple of times in New York) picking up dinner (burrito bowl with carnitas, veggies and guacamole) and something to drink. It's still fast food, but fresh and in a good quality and I really like it from time to time. It's something that we do not really have in Germany. We do have Mexican restaurants, but not for take away for a quick fast food stop.

The rest of the evening I spent home, in my bed writing this blog and falling asleep early.


That was the final day at work and I had bit of time in the afternoon to finally, finally walk up Market Street. Call me boring, but I like it, when I know the place where I am already and just can buzz around exactly the places I want to go without looking for something. And I especially like it when I have a huge shopping list in my hand being on a mission to make some people at home as happy as possible.

A few hours later my credit card started sending emergency signals along with my feet and back and I stumbled down 2nd Street again exhausted and starving.
The credits for practically saving my life go to Kate O'Brien's Irish Bar & Restaurant. There are days - like this one - where there is no better thing than a huge portion of fish & chips and a pint of cold cider. 

Look ... if the US economy falls apart I can at least say that it was not my fault:

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