Saturday, August 13, 2011

NoCa & San Francisco Day 5 - Giants vs Pirates

Pittsburgh, CA - Part 3
.... or how I found a lot more Pittsburgh in Northern California.

Let's start with some serious  ..... ANGER MANAGEMENT: 

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Let's  get it straight ... this was my first ballgame live in the ballpark EVER! The timing of the business trip was just PERFCT because we exactly hit the week the Bucs were in town. We had fantastic seats and I had fantastic people with me. The beer was cold, the food delicious and even the weather could not have been more perfect. And then THIS:

The Pittsburgh Pirates WON the game against the World Series Champions - The San Francisco Giants on MONDAY!

The Pittsburgh Pirates WON the game against the World Series Champions - The San Francisco Giants on WEDNESDAY!


On TUESDAY when I was at the ballpark the Pittsburgh Pirates LOST the game against the San Francisco Giants with .... 6 : 0 ..... zero,null, nada, ništa


Seriously - it was not sooo  bad. I mean, when I bought the tickets quite a while ago the Bucs had just very slowly started winning the one or the other game and at that time I was not even thinking about a seeing a winning game. And additionally I love the Giants. Usually I would have gone in orange like a pumpkin - just not in this exact week, because all Pittsbugh teams have priority by default and especially this season with the Bucs not even playing bad most of  the time :( I saved myself a seat on the bandwagon. But really ... losing is one thing, but winning the other two games but just forgetting to score when I am around is .... not fair
*crying big children's tears*

On a positive note: The Giants fans are wonderful. I did not get a single stupid comment about showing up in full Pirates gear. And it was lovely to meet other Pirates fans ... I think I did HI5 with a dozen or more total strangers just based on sharing a yellow P on the hats. Oh ... and my official batting practice hat given to me as a welcome gift to Pittsburgh by a friend was a big success. Some Buccos fans even stopped me when I was wondering around the ballpark to tell me that this was a "damn cool hat"
. Loved it!

Okay - done with the anger management. Let's show off some pictures. All photos can be enlarged by clicking on the pictures here in the blog post. And you should click ... they are huge and very detailed.

For the ones with technical interest: The pictures were taken with a Panasonic DMC-TZ10 that sports a 12x optical zoom. Most player close ups were shot at my seat in lower box 106 / row 41.

James McDonald (53) and Brandon Wood (2)

Derek Lee (25) and Ryan Ludwick (36)

Mission for the day accomplished - staring on Garrett Jones' .... butt ;)

Garrett Jones (46)

And my favorite double shot ...

Andrew McCutchen (22) and Garrett Jones (46)

I  also went for a walk around the ballpark. It's impressing - AT&T Park is certainly one of the most beautiful sports arenas I have ever seen.
You can be proud, San Francisco!
Please note:
For none of  the following pictures I left the ballpark. All of them were shot from inside - even the ones that will make you think "What does that picture has to do with a night at the ballpark?"

And back to our seats to watch the disaster in peace and eat some garlic fries:

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