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NoCa & San Francisco Day 10 - Good bye San Francisco

I ♥ San Francisco

It feels a little awkward to write this being already home in Germany for almost a week, but lots of work and a horrible jetlag (still not gone - I am always sick forever coming back from the US) sadly kept me away from my blog. 
Nevertheless  ... there was a lovely final day and I made some nice pictures I do not want to keep away from you and so here we go with the final blog post about a remarkable trip to Northern California & San Francisco.

How do you know that you kind of adjusted to a city? 

When you pack your suitcase on the last morning and start searching the hotel room for your Streetwise Citymap San Francisco and realize ... that you forgot it at home in the first place. Wow ... I did not miss it for a second. Well - that does not mean of course I know every street and every corner in San Francisco (sure not), but for the usual spots I visit (and I did not have time for much more) my orientation is after 4 trips obviously good enough. Lovely. 
Other than that I have to note that I hate packing. I love traveling, but if I will ever be reborn as a rich and spoiled kid the first thing I want is some staff to pack and carry my luggage, please *sigh*.

When I was done praising the travel gods for my British Airways ticket because BA allows 3 kg more luggage than Lufthansa, I left the hotel for a final short shopping tour. I had to exchange one thing and get the gift for my godson from Hollister. Can somebody please explain to me the magic of Hollister? Every time I fly back to Europe from the US everybody at the gate is dressed from head to toe in as much Hollister stuff as they can wrap around their bodies - like this is the coolest clothing on the planet. Why? I think it is (depends on the item) plain ugly or ... just pretty normal stuff. Actually the shirt I bought for my godson looks good and I hope he likes it :)

Done with shopping I crossed Market to walk to Union Square because leaving San Francisco without a Union Square stop is kind of a crazy thing to do .....

At the corner of Market and Powell is one of the famous cable car turnarounds. Big bummer for me this time: no time to ride the cable car *boooo*. I love riding the cable car and especially the line from Powell to Hyde, but I did not have enough time  :(

Powell Cable Car Turnaround

So I walked up Powell to Union Square ....

Powell Street

Union Square

Then I had this very healthy *cough* 2nd breakfast at the Cheesecake Factory
Did I eat the cream? No. 
Did I eat all the cake? No. 
Did I take my Lactase pill? Yes.
Did it horrible things to my tummy anyway? Yes.
Was it worth the pain because it was so yummy?  No, to be honest it was too sweet, creamy and fat.

Oero Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory

So if you are out to eat some great cake ... check out the small, local bakeries run by wonderful, motivated and talented bakers and pastry chefs. I bet ... there is one around your corner ... For me it wasn't that bad - I wasn't there for the cake anyway - I was there for the sight ;)

Union Square from the Cheesecake Factory @ Macy's

After not finishing my cake I went back to my hotel to check out. I had then still some time left until I had to get to the airport shuttle. I was considering to visit the awesome SFMOMA to see the Getrude Stein exhibition, but the place was busy as usual especially on Sundays, I had only 90 minutes left, the sun was shining bright and I had about 15 hours in planes and airports ahead of me ... and so I decided with a heavy heart to go for another walk instead.  I wish I would have had more time - I am really sad to miss the exhibition :(

I finally just went down Folsom to the bay and walked up and down Embarcadero, sat down at the waterfront and starred on The City behind me, the Ferry Building, the Bay Bridge and the bay in front of me and tried hard not to cry. It was such a gorgeous day - bright blue sky, sunshine, happy people enjoying their Sunday and around me one of the most beautiful cities of the world - seriously. Damn ... it was so hard to leave.

Claes Oldenburg - "Cupid's Span"
The Oakland Bay Bridge
The Oakland Bay Bridge & Yerba Buena Island

The trip back was endless but went smoothly without any problems or delays. This time even the entertainment thingy at my seat worked. I watched:

Source Code - Pretty cool and I love Jake Gyllenhaal ;)
Control - Sad, but I had seen the movie before and I felt like enjoying some sadness being heavy-hearted myself for many reasons and I wanted some good music.

Limitless - Not bad, but although Bradley Cooper is for sure an attractive guy he doesn't do anything to me. I'd prefer Robert Downey Jr. sitting on a chair reading the phone directory of Manhattan for me instead ;)

And now ... I am back home but not really back home. My heart is still transatlantic and sadly my inner watch as well *yawn*. 

Pittsburgh, CA - Part 5

I may not have had enough time to go SFMOMA, but I had some time left to go to the SFMOMA Shop at the airport and LOOK what I found :)!
I wanted this book for a long time, but when I was in New York and Pittsburgh I could not handle the additional weight because I had already bought lots of books and it was painfully expensive.
Now I found the book in the airport shop for a slightly reduced price and finally ... it's mine :) and I can prepare myself for my Fallingwater visit next time I am in Pittsburgh!
Oh ... and my hands were not trembling when I took this picture. My camera just got very confused by all the falling water on the title picture.


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