Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lipa moja ....

Lots of people ask every summer if it is not totally boring to spend my vacation at the exact same place year after year ... and I can ensure you: it's absolutely not.

Maybe I would think differently if I would travel less, but with places from San Francisco to Barcelona on my recent travel list I really have enough adventure over the year and do not need it for my vacation time.

What I want for a week or two is to rest my soul, to get back to myself, to absorb sun and fresh air, go swimming, enjoy simple but fantastic food, slow down, be offline. 

And the perfect place for all this is my Dalmatian village. The perfect place is Rogoznica.

I deeply love my village - my little paradise ... and here it is:

Some more sights from the balcony:

Crystal clear water:

The best food ever - fresh fish (less than 24 hrs from sea to table) grilled and served in homemade olive oil and garlic with salad, fresh bread and homemade wine (Babić):

And my favorite Dalmatian town Šibenik (which is actually NO village near Zadar ;):

More pictures can be found here

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  1. It sounds so familiar... :) I also get a lot of questions about why I'm going to Split every year and if it's not boring. :))) So I understand you so well, Tina. :) Dalmatia is beautiful, and Rogoznica seems to be a wonderful peaceful place. The pictures are totally mesmerizing.