Saturday, May 21, 2011

LMAO - Rapture Day - May 21 2011

The latest internet / Twitter phenomenon and fun ride in the last couple of days was ... rapture.

Nobody seems to really know who came up with it, but it looks like it is some strange Christian myth and the result of weird calculations that the world ends today. That it is judgment day.

I heard the craziest stuff ... if you are allowed to go to heaven you keep your body, but all artificial things like tooth fillings and tattoos are left behind. Seriously? 1) OUCH 2) What is if I would like to keep my tattoos??? They are pretty and were expensive.

Some heard that people with tattoos are bad anyway - all of them, yes - and will have to stay here.

Some had to find out that no animals would go to heaven and decided that they would prefer to stay with their pets instead of going on a magic journey alone.

Hmmmm - so people who love puppies and / or have nice tattoos stay here. Okay, then I do not mind staying, too  - sounds like a fun crowd to me.

But the perfect comment on the whole topic came from Calvin & Hobbes (h/t Virginia Montanez - AGAIN):

LMAO ... honestly .... that sounds like a good thing (although that might be not what the comic meant to say ;)

PS:  Rapture was supposed to start at 6pm, but nothing happened. No free ride to Pittsburgh :(

PPS: Let's look what John Steinbeck has to say about the rapture topic:

"But it is also true that if the last judgment were announced, the first and proper thought of all ladies would be "What shall I wear?" And while the archangles are preparing the courtroom and the blessed tune their harps and certain others lie hunching under their fires, the ladies will be dashing hysterically in and out of fitting rooms." 

(John Steinbeck: "L'Envoi" from "America & Americans")

I admit - that could be true ... for us ladies - and for  Rupper ;) (Mike Rupp of the Pittsburgh Penguins).

PPPS: (h/t Marie Popichak)

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