Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog post where I declare winter to be over & play some rock music

Rituals are important. I am for example a superstitious sports fan. I always post if possible (means me not being totally offline) the same tweet before every Pens game. They win and lose anyway, but if I would not tweet, a loss would be totally my fault and who would want that?

I also have a
ritual to declare winter to be over: I clean my terrace.

I usually wait until mid / end of April because April can be a beast and go from summer weather straight to snow and ice especially in the first half of the month. I know that and I am definitely too early this year, but after this absolut fantastic weekend I could not resist anymore - I had to get rid of the winter tristesse NOW.

And because I have a new camera I documented the process:

At first I cleaned out the old leaves and the dirt.

Then I had the chairs lined up for cleaning.

Tables were next.

Then I set up my open air dining room.

And finally prepared my favorite place - the deckchair.

Speaking of summer - the decoration :)


Shift of location - in my apartment at 11.30 pm:

When I was thinking about setting up this silly little blog post I decided to use the word "tristesse" and *BOOM* - it triggered my inner DJ.  It suddenly appeared and clapped happily with his little hands: "TRISTESSE! - I have some BEAUTIFUL songs about it."  I was like "Uh oh noooo - this is all about sunshine and how amazing the weekend was and how to get rid of tristesse."  Too late ... the music was playing already and here we go with some awesome songs, which proof that I am officially old ;)

Manic Street Preachers - La Tristesse Durera

Smashing Pumpkins - Tristessa

And yes - that guy WITH hair is really Billy Corgan ;)

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