Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still "Walking in Pittsburgh" ... in my mind

I am back home. The trip was long and exhausting, but just passed by without any problem or trouble, which is good. I had a couple of hours to kill at JFK, which was a bit boring but I got myself a seat where I could stare at the far away skyline in the sun.

On the transatlantic flight I managed to sleep two hours (better than nothing) and watched some movies.

"Morning Glory" - not bad, but not really good either, BUT all scenes outside were filmed on 6th (mostly) and 5th Avenue between 42nd Street and Central Park in Manhattan and I knew almost all the places from my trip only days ago. That was really nice.

"Due Date" - totally over the top and sometimes funny, but - OH BOY - I could stare with no probem for hours without blinking at the handsome awesomeness of Robert Downey Jr.. Seriously.

Flying in general is weird. I mean on one hand it is of course awesome. Without airplanes there would not be no way to travel around the world in an acceptable timeframe and for an affordable amount of money. We woud not be able to visit places and meet peope in other countries or even continents. You can tell I love flying (well not so much the process itself although it is not scaring me, but the result of it). 

On the other hand by sitting in a metal tube for a couple of hours with barely any conscious awareness of the speed and the distance travelled, you get sucked in on one side of the planet and spit out on the other one. It's disturbing and it takes a while to adjust to the changed enviroment.

And that is happening for me at the moment. Of course I am home and I know everything around me and all is like it was when I left. But it's still not easy. It goes from English back to German although I kept talking in English to myself half of the day like "Let's go for groceries shopping. The fridge is empty." 
It is a visual shift from Pittsburgh to New York to Munich.  It goes from "Nice sweater M'am!" to "Why is this lady running around with a giant skating Penguin all over her chest?".  I have to make it from "vacation" mood to "work" and "daily life" mood by tomorrow morning (maybe the toughest).

I am not good with that. It will take me a while. For now I am still "Walking in Pittsburgh" in my mind. If you watch the fantastic video of Tim Ruff, you will understand why I chose the picture at the top. I was at all the places in the  video - so I can easily follow Tim now.

For all local Pittsburgh readers:
Tim Ruff is playing a show this Friday night, March 4, at the Club Cafe (56S, 12th Street) . If you can - go and cheer for me. I would LOVE to go myself, but I can't. I am walking in Munich again for now. Just for now - because I will be back for sure.

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