Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random thoughts about "The Next Three Days"

I am back from Pittsburgh for about a little less than a week now and I still find myself with a box of chocolate covered Oreos (already no biscotti left - some I ate, some I sent around the country for friends and family to try them - and make them also Pittsburgh biscotti addicts ;)  sitting on my couch feeling slightly desoriented and misplaced.

I was out last night on a great party (wine testing, Croatian style sea food followed by music and dancing) and after sleeping in I had a lazy evening on my schedule when something came into my mind what the lovely Secret Agent L always says when she hasn't seen some friends in a while: "I miss your face."  And I felt all like "Pittsburgh, I miss your face".

So what to do? CINEMA! 
"The Next Three Days" was still on the late night schedule and I did not watch it yet - and so I went off for some onscreen Pittsburgh.

I just came back home and while listening to the Pens game on the radio I decided to share some random thoughts about the movie with you.

  • I still do not like Russel Crowe much although the various Pittsburgh gear he was wearing made him look nicer ;)
  • The movie wasn't mindblowing good but not super bad either, had some nice twists and asked the question of how far you would go for a loved one in quite an interesting way
  • It had Liam Neeson and I liked his scene a lot - one of the best
  • Fantastic day and night shots from Grandview, which made me melt away
  • Some more great shots all over the city
  • It did rain a lot - I guess this was to make it feel real. It worked ;)
  • Escaping with The T??? Common ... that is almost funny.
  • Making them "dissapear" with dressing up in black and yellow in a sports crowd was a "must have" move, but why the hell did they make him wear Buccos gear in a Pens crowd?? Call me picky, but I hate unnecessary bugs like that. I mean ... it would not have been a big effort to give him some Pens gear like a Crosby jersey instead of the black and yellow jacket and Pirates hat. Right? And it looks a bit too warm (summer) for hockey season, too. Anyway ...
  • I had to laugh out loud when I saw the polar bear swimming and diving in the zoo scene. I guess that was shot exclusively for @JanePitt to proof her that the bears are swimming for real - even in the PGH Zoo.
BTW ... right before the movie started they were showing the trailer for "I am Number 4" - another movie filmed in Pittsburgh. LOVED IT!

That's brings me to another point: The PA Film Tax Credit Program is frozen and brings the whole "Pittsburgh is the new Hollywood" thing to full stop for now. This puts a couple of new productions which were planned to be filmed in PGH like the new Batman (!) movie and with them a lot of jobs and upcoming job opportunities in danger. It also makes Pittsburgh look bad and unattractive in a situation where the city was something like a rising star on the movie production sky - bringing in some really positive reputation and nice money for the city and its people.

If you like to read more about it and consider standing up against the freeze, visit the site of Boring Pittsburgh now.

I put my 5 Cents in already.

PS: Tuesday, March 15: The money is up again and already two new movies are set up to be filmed in PGH. All good :)

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