Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA - The complete stories & pictures

Sorry for re-using such an old gag with adding the "PA" to Pittsburgh. It's just what I still hear all the time here in Germany. 

It's like people want to make sure they understand me right, when I tell about my trip like "You really went to Pittsbugh, PA???" It sounds like they want to make sure that they did not miss the existence of another Pittsburgh in California or on Hawai.

And yes - of course we talk about Pittsburgh, PA. But why? To answer the question, I could tell you here a lot about the Pens, the Steelers (and yes - even the Pirates, but not sure you want to hear that one), the people and the city itself - all alone worth the trip (and lots more), but instead I go for a quote this time:

"Pittsburgh, hard-bitten and practical though it seems, is a magical place. It's weird and warped and beautiful and it makes you want to fight for it." 
(David Conrad, "Civic Arena: crime scene", Feb 11 2011, Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

It's kind of hard to explain, but that's very much it.

At my last day in New York my camera broke. The whole thing vibrates when I switch it on and makes blurry, shaky pictures. The only chance to get a real picture out of it was to switch it on and off all the time because every 10th try it worked more or less.
So I spent my four days in Pittsburgh mostly with switching on and off the camera because I wanted pictures so badly. And I got quite a few although I missed a lot of shots I would have done otherwise like one of the trains slowing down on the railway above Liberty Avenue and much more. I am especially sad that all night shots are pretty bad although this was what my cam could do best. SAD PANDA - looks like I have to go back to make better pictures ;)

But here is what I got fighting down the technical problems:
  • For all my pics (lots of) from the game Pittsburgh Penguins vs San Jose Sharks click here
  • For all my city shots click here
All albums are on Facebook but public so that you can access them without a login. My Facebook profile you can find here.

And of course I was writing my travel diary in Pittsburgh just like I did the days before in New York: 

And ZOOOoooosh goes the puck in Pittsburgh - PGH day 1

Regardlessly awesome - PGH Day 2

Gritty but pretty - PGH Day 3

And there was light - PGH Day 4

And my "hangover" back home posting:
Still "Walking in Pittsburgh" ... in my mind

And here you can go to my Pittsburgh tag at the blog with all related posts before the trip (like the Super Bowl Edition) and afterwards with the one about watching "The Next Three Days" last weekend in an empty cinema and the (temporary) freeze of the PA Film Tax Credit Program.

If there is something to say in addition to this then it would be that the time in Pittsburgh was way too short.

I did not made it to any other museum than the Warhol - not even to the Mattress Factory although it was high on my list and in walking distance from my hotel.
I did not visit the murals of the Croatian artist
Maxo Vanka at St. Nicholas in Millvale, although that was a must do as well.
And believe it or not ... I saw (kind of) the Cathedral of Learning only driving by at night and totally missed Oakland at daylight.
Many other neighborhoods I could not visit at all in this short time (and shitty weather) and even to the ones I visited I have to go to again ... I mean, it was cold and rainy in Lawrenceville and I only made a short stop at Wildcard and in pretty Shadyside it was pitch black night (evening).
And I did not go out of town yet for example to visit Fallingwater - something I definitely want to do as well.

And sports ... I definitely need to see more Pens games live (addictive stuff!), want to see the Steelers at Heinz Field and well ... a friend of mine even wants me to see the Buccos one day at PNC Park (imaging / dreaming a nice summer afternoon, enough drinks and Popcorn to throw at my neighbours for entertainment it could be fun, too).

And drinks and food ... I did not even get really started here.

I did not meet Matt from Espresso A Mano, who is voted by diverse sources as the best barista in town. I had no time to try the cupcakes from Dozen (That makes two good reasons for another stop in Lawrenceville) or check out the diverse other great bakeries in town and I did not even made it into one Pamela's.

Not speaking about all the great places in the Strip I only passed by because I was already FULL like Reyna Food and the ones I would love to go back to tomorrow morning for a late breakfast like La Prima or Enrico Biscotti Company.

And I would also love to visit Bocktown for a beer tasting, great food and fun as well as Las Velas, which will be open again, when I am around next time, for magaritas and tacos. And I'd like to try the award winnning / nominated stars of the Pittsburgh restaurant scene like Salt of The Earth, Habitat or Kaya and check out the fancy places on Mt. Washington with the related Burgh Bits & Bites Tour.  

List to be continued ....

So much left to do. Time to invent teleporting ;)

PS: All New York postings and pictures can be found here.  
PPS: Just in case you do not follow me on Twitter @CKapaun, where I post updates, yet - you are very welcome to do so and I'll of course follow back. 


  1. It was fantastic to get meet you, even if my butt has expanded four sizes since then! ;-)

  2. I am not guilty! I did not say "Eat them all within a week" ;))) - just kidding.
    I wish I would have known that Ginny never had Nutella before. I could have done "BAD" things to her ;). But I guess I did anyway - in that book she got are hundreds of recipes all made of carbs, fat and sugar in all variations.

  3. That sucks about your camera! Happy you got at least some shots though. Too funny about the PA...we used to joke in college about how PA was PA and not all states had such luxury of going by its postal initials...Mass for example of Boston, Mass fame (to distinguish it from all the other Bostons, of course) hahahaha :)

  4. The camera problem was annoying. At least I could do some pics. But I will definitely go to Pittsburgh again and hopefully in some better season and will do all the missed shots in the sunshine (I know ... overly optimistic ... PA weather sucks ;). I will also go shopping soon for a Nikon Coolpics 8000 *YAY*.
    Boston, Mass sounds really stupid ;))))

  5. I'm so glad you were finally able to come visit our city. Another visit is in order soon!

  6. Thanks so much! It was fantastic to spend time with you and the late night city tour was awesome.
    I am already planning for the next trip (spring 2012 latest) and I will try to avoid ice and snow for many reasons :)

    See you in Europe!