Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New York, New York - The complete stories and pictures

Lots of you were following me walking through New York City, when I was there for my vacation in February, and it was so much fun to read all your comments, mails and Facebook messages. Thanks so much for taking the reading time and sending all the feedback.

Just in the case you missed some of the stories or are not friends with me on Facebook , where I have my photo albums, I decided to put the links to all stories and pictures here together at one place.

All pictures are uploaded on Facebook, but the album is public and to access without login. You just need to click here to see all my pictures.

And that's the list of all New York travel diary blog posts:

Unreal - NYC Day 1
Reloaded - NYC Day 2
Got ya! - NYC Day 3
Slowmotion - NYC Day 4
Burn, baby, burn - NYC Day 5
And here you can access all blog posts, which have a New York tag.

Just in case you do not follow me on Twitter @CKapaun, where I post regular updates, yet - you are very welcome to do so and I'll of course follow back.

PS: All Pittsburgh stories and pictures can be found here

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