Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unreal - NYC Day 1

Hello, dear friends, from New York City! Midtown Manhattan to be exact.
I am sitting in my hotel room with my brand new baby computer (netbook).

Last night I did not get much sleep. I worked for too long because 1000 things came into my mind, which I had to prepare, forward, explain to the people, who help out when I away (thank you so much!). And the other reason is: I suck packing suitcases. I always overpack, I always need so much time to select stuff, I have so much electronic and paper stuff from Kindle to diary to carry around with me. I am too focused on things - I know :(. Well ... this time I did at least not overpack so badly. There was space in my suitcase left although I have gifts for friends with me.

The flight itself starting this morning was eventless. I just have to say that after flying a few times Munich-San Francisco-Munich the trip to NYC with "only" 8 hours was an easy one.  As usual the food was horrible, but the movie collection was okay.

I watched (finally!)  "Social Network", which was really good and I have to admit that I liked the performance of Justin Timberlake a lot. I guess there are "DROP THE THE" Shirts available outside? I might consider getting one. It was just bad, that the plane had no inflight internet (boooo) although Lufthansa sent mails that it would be available on some transatlantic flights. While watching the movie I felt a strong desire to get my phone and check and post on FB and Twitter. Addict? Yes, I think so.

The 2nd movie I chose was "Any given Sunday" (Oliver Stone movie with Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz). I liked it, but don't watch it when you are not into American Football. You will hardly get what is going on and it will bore the shit out of you, when you don't care about the sport. If you do it's not a bad one. Jamie Foxx was really impressive - again.
But to everybody who watched the movie.... EYEBALL, I mean ... seriously EYEBALL? I almost fainted.

Finally we arrived in New York and in the sunshine and incredible 20°C. I took a cap to the hotel and here I am. I of course wanted to catch the rest of the daylight and so I just dropped my luggage and went for a first walk .. just with a hoodie over my shirt. I did not even need my jeans jacket which I had with me just in case it would get colder after sunset.

For better communication with my local friends I went straight to the Telekom shop and got myself an US phone number and SIM card. That is kinda cool. I mean - it is nothing special. Everybody can have it for like 30$ - no big deal. But having my American number just feels good and will make life cheaper and easier. That is for sure.

When I came out of the shop at 6th Avenue the sun went down quickly and I could see wild lights shining only a few meters ago - TIMES SQUARE. So I just crossed the street and set down on the stairs, which are just there to give people a place to sit and watch and make pictures. I watched the daylight fade and the lights and ads lit up to full power.

Up from now I will try to tell you everyday shortly the highlights of the day and to upload three pictures. I cannot promise 100% because the one or the other evening I might be home a little late, but I'll try.

And here you go for today with the 5th Avenue - right next corner from my hotel - and Times Square.

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