Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slowmotion - NYC Day 4

Today there is not so much to tell. After 2 and half crazy days I really took it easy today. I slept in a bit, I talked to a few people at home, I had a nice breakfast with scrumbled eggs and a bagel at my new favorite place next door and got some organizational stuff done for the rest of the trip. Sounds boring? I would choose the word relaxing :)

When I was done with all that stuff I took the train in Northern direction to visit a dear friend of mine for a girl's afternoon with tea and scones (they were SO GOOD!).
Her neighborhood Washington Heights is located north of Central Park at the riverside of the Hudson and is one of the oldest and historically most important neighborhoods of Manhattan, but it is not popular for tourists because all the normal sightseeing spots are quite far away. It is a very nice and friendly place to live and like a little oasis only a 20-minutes-train-ride away from all the craziness.

After the first round of tea my friend and I went for a walk in Fort Tyron Park. That's a beautiful park overlooking the Hudson and with a stunning view of the George Washington Bridge. And today it looked like winter wonderland. Yes - there is SNOW in Manhattan. Here in Midtown it is only a bit of powdered sugar on trees and roofs, but up there at Fort Tyron .... all WHITE!

And that was it - the rest is more nice tea, more gorgeous scones, watching two adorable cats playing and talking about old times with a dear friend. I love the internet for all the possibilties to communicate and overcome huge distances, but it will never be able to replace being together face to face and having the chance to give the people you love a hug.

Silly side note: When I gave my friend my US number she was suprised because it starts with 917. It turns out that this is the first real area code for New York City and in the meantime a number with this code not so easy to get anymore (lucky me - and I had no idea). Read here more about area code 917.
I know - this means nothing really, but I think I have now the coolest phone number on the planet and will defend it with my life ;)

Pictures of the day. I am not even trying to limit to three today. Since I have not so much to tell I will share with you some more visual impressions.

You know that you are in America, when there is a ferris wheel inside (!) the Toys R Us.

It doesn't look like you would think Manhattan looks like, but that is where it is - Fort Tyron Park at Washington Heights. And btw ... SNOW!

Just a few meters away from the spot where I took the picture above, you can see the George Washington Bridge.

Back to Midtown Manhattan. That's 42nd Street up to Broadway.

And look who is done with cupcakes and heads now for one of the famous New York hot dogs for dinner!


  1. Elmo verfolgt dich. Oder ist es umgekehrt? :-)

  2. Wo kommt der den schon wieder her?
    Das wird langsam scary, findest Du nicht?

  3. Anita hat's herausgefunden: In Wahrheit bin ich hier um Elmo zu stalken ;)