Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Little London

I told you before that going on a business trip sounds much more exciting than it really is. Usually you see not much more than the aiport, public transport / taxi, office, hotel - maybe a restaurant.

It's the same for me in London. When I go there the city shrinks down to the small area between Liverpool Street, where the Stansted Express arrives, and St. Paul's Cathedral, where we have our office and the hotel we usually stay at.
But at least ... this means our office is in middle of the city and not somewhere in the suburbs like in most of the other company locations, which makes London definitely to one of the nicer work trip destinations.

This time I used the chance to make again some snapshots with my lovely cellphone cam for you ...

I arrived late in the evening and decided to walk to my hotel (takes 20 minutes). When I passed by St. Paul's Cathedral it was half past midnight, very dark and foggy ... in short words: CREEPY, the English way.

What a difference it makes, when it is again a sunny morning ...

London is a very busy place - and Ludgate Hill on a weekday morning is absolutely no exception.

It's funny how a different location can change your habits. I usually do not like big breakfasts early in the morning and I do not like hot beverages much, but in London I seem to function differently. 

My standard English breakfast:
BLT sandwich, fruit salad, the most amazing carrot cake and some delicious English breakfast tea.

But I needed all this stuff to gain enough strength to make the next snapshots.
Both mornings I went up to the top of the office building. It is only the 17th floor, but the problem is - IT IS ALL GLASS - ALL WALLS & ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FLOOR.
And oh .... if you did not guess it already: I suffer from vertigo - A LOT!!!!
It's all okay as soon as there is a railing or a belly high visual cover or something. But all glass? I am dying.

But the pics were worth the pain:  Over the roofs of London - one time on a rainy day and a second time on a "soon to become" very nice morning (the sun made the clouds go away not much later):

Lucky enough I do not really need to go to the 17th floor very often. Our office is at the 5th floor and has some very cool views as well.

Okay dear friends .... enough sightseeing for now - let's go back to work :)

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