Friday, January 7, 2011

The Ugly Slimebomb Explosion

Keith Haring "Exploding Head"
You know that I love art and especially pop art and abstract expressionism and so I chose this Keith Haring artwork to tell you why you might need to wait another couple of days (weekend will do it hopefully) for the real long and rich book related blog post I am promising now for weeks.

It's just - my head's exploding!

When I arrived at my sister's place in the snowmaggedon beaten Muensterland at the late 23rd of December the baby (my super cute and wonderful niece) was already sick with an incredibly bad cold. It turned out to be highly infectious because within the next 48 hours my brother-in-law and my sister got it as well.

I took homeopatic meds to keep my immune system up and did anything else I could think of for not getting sick and for a long time it looked really good. When I went to Cologne on the 30th to spend New Year's Eve with friends (and getting addicted to TRUE BLOOD, but that's a different story) I still felt good and so did I the next two days. But when I was flying back on January 1st and the plane came down for landing in Munich and my ears and the paranasal sinuses hurt like HELL I knew I was screwed.

The Sunday was fairly okay but right with work starting again (NICE!) I got really sick and I cannot tell you how many packages of paper tissues I already used up. It's really, really bad and even after four days now there is no sign of improvement, but that is what I had to expect since the rest of my family did not recover yet as well. It is not only a bad cold it is a gritty one which does not let you go easily.

But I promise: as soon as my head stops feeling and behaving like a slimebomb again, I will be back to writing smarter stuff than this posting.

Stay healthy folks (and stay away from me - it's better at the moment)!

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