Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy - belated - New Year

Photo by Daniel Stainer
 Dear friends,

at first I have to apologize for the long silence. I am really sorry, because you read this blog, support me, email your comments and all this and I do not even send you a Christmas or NYE message.

Time was running so fast. I had to work until the very last minute before Christmas and then spent the holidays with my family and put myself (except some mall Twitter and Facebook appearances) on a much needed computer and online hiatus.

Now I am back home and even if I am not really able to pick up the normal frequency of blogging yet (more in the next post), I want from the bottom of my heart wish you an amazing 2011.

I have a feeling that this will be an exciting year. Lots of things will change and hopefully improve. There will be lots of stories to tell and I will be happy to share the more important of them with you.

Thanks a lot for making my first few months of the blogging journey so much fun & let's have a fantastic year together.

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