Monday, November 1, 2010

Random thoughts

Sorry guys - this might a bit of a dark posting. It's just that I am a summer kid and suffer from fall / winter depressions every year and this one is no exception. I promise, that the nex postings will be more postive and inspiring again. So here are my random thoughts from the last couple of days:

Geneva Aiport
Business travelling is NOT exciting
I know for people who have to stay at home and go to their offices from 9 am to 5 pm every day it sounds always very impressive when I say that I am going to spend the next few days for example in London or - like last week - in Geneva.
If this is the case I have a message for you: It is neither impressive nor exciting. In the pic you see all I saw from Geneva. Don't get me wrong - it's okay. This is work not vacation. Just don't be jealous - exhausting travel hours and smelly hotel rooms are bugs not features ;).
And this is why I added an extra day on my own expense to our internantional meeting in Barcelona later this month. Going there and flying home again without seeing the cathedral, walking the Ramblas and having my eyes resting on the open horizon at the beach? That would be too much of a pitty, wouldn't it?! So watch out for my Barca pics soon (end of November).

Pumpkin & pic by Katharina Custer
Germany is not ready for Halloween
Thanks to my lovely hosts Katharina and Maja I was invited to two Halloween parties this year. Both nights have been big fun with cool people, cold drinks and awesome decoration.
Just - going there was a pain in the a... I was all dressed up in black with gothic make up and with an epic big black hat. People stared at me like I was a freak they would call the police on every minute. Tsss - never seen somebody in a COSTUME folks?

And even if this dress would have been real - so what?
A bit more tolerance, please!

Pic from
Underground tunnels are creepy places
Going back from Saturday's Halloween party was a very unpleasant experience.
I was in the last underground at 2 am in the morning, when the train suddenly stopped dead in the tunnel between Odeonsplatz and Universität.
The light went out and then came back only as a low emergency light.
After a couple of minutes dozens of police men and women, firefighters and paramedics ran down the tunnel along the train. I still do not know what exactly happened but most likely somebody through himself / herself under the train although nobody I talked to had seen or heard anything. But since they had to evacuate the train and could not move it, it must have been something very serious like this.
So I ended up jumping off the train at 3 am between two underground stations and had to walk the down the tunnel in dim light on a small trail. SCARY. Nothing I want to do again - that is for sure. Definitely too much Halloween for me and a very tragic end for the person, who very likely died.

Did I tell you before how much I HATE cancer? Yes? Anyway - I need to say it again a couple of times.
I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer.

Sorry. I know this is not helping anybody, but under the impression of the things I had to learn lately (not about myself - just in case you were on the way asking) I had to express my rage, my anger, my sadness, my fear, my desparation.

We need to find cure - NOW. 

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  1. As for Halloween acceptance: not as much of a problem up here in the North, even though my kids and i had to introduce customs like the kids walking from door to door in gruesome costumes demanding treats to Lüneburg when we moved here. In Hamburg it was already established...
    Well, but since the north is protestant and not catholic (which leaves us with a couple Holy days less, by the way),it may be easier for us to celebrate "Heathen" customs, since church is not as offended and people are less, up in the North we are not into staring at strange people, we rather ignore. Different mentalities, kind of. I guess. Makes it harder to actually scare people off ;-). Last year i went to a party dressed up as The Joker (Heath Ledger style). At the party the guests were quite impressed at the scare factor, but did anybody look at me when i went there? Nope. Not at all. I did my best, but nobody really cared... *sigh*.