Monday, October 4, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010 Impressions Part II - The Historical Oktoberfest

This year - in 2010 - we celebrated the 200th birthday of the legendary Oktoberfest. Part of the celebration was the Historical Oktoberfest.

At the south side of the Theresien Wiesn (the festival ground) the organizers seperated an area, which they dedicated to a small Oktoberfest in the style of 1810 - including a special (and very tasty) beer brewed after a historical recipe, which was only available in that special area.

For 4 EUR extra (worth every Cent) you could experience the special beer, special food, very cute antique fairground attractions, enter the museum festival tent and much more.

I went there on the final Saturday of this year's Oktoberfest and fell in love. Can we have Historical Oktoberfest now every year, please??? It's just awesome!

On a side note: When it became too crowded (what happened while I was in) they stopped letting people in the special area. Although it was for sure annoying for the people who could not get in it was great inside, because they closed down before it became actually seriously overcrowded. You could still walk around without being punched in your tummy every 2 minutes, get a beer with queueing less than 10 minutes and - whohoooo - find a seat to really enjoy your beer. LOVELY!

What the average Oktoberfest visitor might not know is that it was initially a farmer's fair. Paying tribute to this fact, they had an exhibition of antique tractors (also used by the carnies for pulling their trailers).

Patience on 4 hooves. Being part of the historical farmer's fair there was a tent with lots of horses, some sheeps, some chicken and calves. And I tell you - I would trust every of these horses with my life. If they don't freak out being surrounded by thousands of people trying to touch them all day, they'll NEVER freak out ...

Of course there was also an antique carousel.

This is one of my favorites - a beautiful old organ.

Inside the museum tent they had old carny trailers and you could look inside to see how people lived "on the road".

Very cute - antique bumper cars.

Antique sweet stand packed with almonds, gingerbread and cotton candy.

Spectacular highlight in the center of the museum tent - the swing boats.

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