Monday, October 4, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010 Impressions Part I - The Classic Experience

When I visited the famous Oktoberfest for the very first times 10 years ago my main feeling was being SCARED.

We had with my company an evening reservation at the Schottenhammel tent - still my favorite place to go at the Wiesn by the way.

Evening reservation means that even on workdays you enter the place in the late afternoon hours while most of the other people in there are drinking since sunrise. And "others" means a LOT of people since the Schottenhammel (just like the other tents) has 6.000 seats. And then I tell you - as long as you are still sober 6.000 drunken people in one tent are S.C.A.R.Y.!  And there is only ONE single chance to survive: DRINKING!

As the years were passing by I learned to really love Oktoberfest. Especially on a weekday around lunch time when the sun is shining and the sky is blue and you are in company of your best friends it is really gorgeous and big fun.

This year I did not spend much time at the Wiesn. The Friday I was supposed to go with my girls I had to work too long and when we arrived most of the tents were already closed due to overcrowding. SHIT :( - very dissapointing!

We ended up fighting successfully for some seats in the Schottenhammel beergarden and managed to have a beer and a grilled chicken (the best on earth!) before the BIG RAIN came and sent summer home to make place for fall with temperature dropping 15 C in only one hour. NOT GOOD :(

But I managed to make some nice shots that Friday and on this Saturday when I went one more time just to inhale the very special atmosphere.
I hope you'll enjoy:

Perfect weather on a Friday afternoon (before the rain came) and if you think this is already crowded - it's NOT. It's practically empty ;)

For my lovely Twitter friends @HofbrauhausPITT - the Hofbräu festival tent from outside and inside with "Bavarian angel" Aloisius (this pic is from 2008, but he's of course still there ;):

The Ochsenbraterei festival tent. Although people are not yet dancing on the benches it was already too crowded to find seats for our group of 4.

FINALLY we managed to find a seat in the Schottenhammel beergarden and to get a BEER - PROST!

And some more impressions from last Saturday - the final Wiesn weekend.

The Oktoberfest (actually only a small part of it) and the city of Munich

Classic carousels and my favorite - the Ferris wheel

Lady Bavaria overlooking the Wiesn

You are suffering from claustrophobia? Then I recommend to avoid the Oktoberfest on a Saturday afternoon. This is the "beer street". Every festival tent has an avarage of 6.000 seats inside and several thousands of additional seats in the beergardens around the tents.
Without a reservation the chance to get into one of the tents on a Saturday is almost zero.

Good bye Wiesn 2010 - See you in 2011!

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