Sunday, October 17, 2010

Croatian inventions you never would guess to be Croatian like ... Doodle Jump

Are you an iPhone user? If yes you for sure know or heard about this cute little character you can see on the left who is called Doodle.

The iPhone game Doodle Jump is one of if not THE ONE most popular and often downloaded iPhone app.

Just in case you never seen that before:
Your job is to make Doodle go up and Up and UP - of course by handling some difficulties. There are several special editions of Doodle Jump available featuring different backgrounds and adventures like under water, outer space or soccer edition and many more. It's highly addictive - in the fun Tetris style kind of addiction ;).

Igor Pusenjak / Lima Sky
Image and Interview @
And what does cutie Doodle has to do with Croatia?

I'll tell you: His two daddies are the Croatian brothers Igor and Marko Pusenjak from Zagreb.

Igor was the one who first sketched Doodle on a pad in his living room - already living in the USA, where he studied.

His brother Marko - the engineer - was then the one, who brought Doodle to life.

Together - now both living in New York, but still having family and friends in Croatia - they started their company Lima Sky and keep working on updates and new Doodle Jump scenarios all the time. The latest big deal was of course the successful launch of Doodle Jump for the new iPad and and lots more will come for sure - as always focussed on the goal to create a non-violent, easy to afford (Doddle Jump for iPhone costs $ 0.99) and totally fun to play game.

If you want to read more you can do that for example here:

A look at the developers of Doodle Jump, Igor and Marko Pusenjak

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