Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome back, Joaquin - the real one!

This is another flash update with some images and youtubing.

I was checking my Twitter today and ran into a Tweet of
Tall Cathy (h/t) featuring one of my favorite actors, Joaquin Phoenix.

If you don't know yet, let me tell you - that guy can act! He has done quite a few good movies and his acting is really intense. My favorite piece of his work is the amazing Johnny Cash bio pic
"Walk the Line", which I watched already 5 (FIVE) times. I guess I have only seen Coppola's Dracula more often.

Most of the ladies - at least the ones who just like me do not root for blond guys - will also agree, that in addition to his great talent the fact that he is really handsome doesn't hurt either. Right? Right.
After "Walk the Line" there were some rumors, that Joaquin Phoenix had to pay the price of the intense method acting work and had to fight serious exhaustion and some other problems. Might be, might not ... I am not interested in gossiping.

But when he appeared again on the scene his look and behavior let some jaws drop - mine included. Because he looked like this:

Well, I am sure NOT the girl, who thinks a guy needs to run to the hair dresser every 10 days (or even worse use the electric razor every other day for a 2 mm cut) and I am not the biggest fan of super clean shaved male faces, too. But seriously - that was kind of "too much" even for me - especially in combination with his really weird behavior. Check this out:

But now .... 1.5 years later he got rid of all the hairy stuff and revealed that it was all a hoax. Something like "real live acting". Joaquin's buddy and brother in law Casey Affleck turned the camera on him doing weird stuff to create something like a persiflage / documentary on reality TV and star cult.

Think about it .... for almost two years he "acted" for every public appearance he did - from talk show interviews to the strange (and really bad) hip hop concerts he performed. That is CRAZY!
The movie is called
"I'm still there" and is out in the theaters just now and I'll definitely go and check it out.

Although I definitely appreciate a good portion of crazyness, I am quite lucky to see Joaquin Phoenix being back to his regular self (and looks ;) ).  At the video below you can watch him explaining the whole thing by himself.

Good to have you back, man!

PS: I tried to find credits for the two shots of Joaquin Phoenix, but there were none on the websites where I found them.  Both as far as I could find out are part of the promotional material for "Walk the Line" (the first shot) and "I'm still there" (the second shot).


  1. OK, now the worrying is over and relief is taking the stage, huh, Tina? I myself marvel at the sheer courage of that longtime role Joaquin played, you know, having all the world (as far as media output is concerned)worrying about his mental health... He must have been very determined and convinced about the project to have been so convincing, practically setting his career and professional standing at stake for that. So no matter what the outcome will be (it´ll take some time till we get to see the results, aka the movie, over here, i guess), he´s earned my respect and admiration for that.

  2. I totally agree. Could be maybe misunderstood, but my "This is CRAZY" statement was meant as respect and admiration for playing such a long time role and risking so much, too.

    And even with these latest statements and clean shaved interviews the risk is not gone. The reviews for the movie are quite mixed up. Lots of them say something like "Affleck and Phoenix PRETEND it was all a hoax" indicating it is more a turbid and badly created documentation of Phoenix identity crisis. They don't get it ... or don't want to.