Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vaterstetten goes Trogir Part III – The city of Šibenik, Krka National Park and Rogoznica

Everybody who knows me in person and longer than only a few months is aware of the fact that I grew up in a small town in Western Germany called Wesel ... and that I give a damn about it.
I do not like the place and I never really did, although most of the time I loved my home but just as the micro cosmos it used it be.

Since my mom passed away and I am offially an orphan I did not make a single step in this cursed (feels like that for me) city and I won't in the near future.

And so it is no miracle that I do not feel any emotional connection to my home town. I do in a way feel connected with the hard working, heart at the right place, honest and cool people of the nearby Ruhrgebiet as part of my roots, but Wesel? Nope.

But this world is place of choices and so, when I travelled the Dalmatia for the first couple of times and suddenly felt this strong emotional connection to the land, its nature, culture and people, I also “chose” a new hometown. I strongly believe that - just like close and long time friends and can be as  close and important to you like your family (and I really love my family) - a chosen hometown can be YOUR place as much the place where you in fact grew up – or even more.

And like you all know already Rogoznica became for my family and me like a 2nd home and we all love the close by county town Šibenik a lot and so I decided to call that place my “chosen hometown”. (Sidenote: In the top image of this posting you see the area around the bus station - a place of HAPPYNESS since I arrived here so often, jumped off the bus and took a first really deep breath of Dalmatian air).

So for me – as you can imagine – the day trip to Šibenik during our “Vaterstetten goes Trogir” tour was one of my personal highlights although I skipped the guided city tour. I was in Šibenik like more than a dozen times before and I felt much more like visiting my favorite places alone (for example the very, very good book shop near the water front).

But for you I compiled a bit of basic information about Šibenik:

Šibenik placed at the Krka river mouth was first mentioned in 1066 A.D. and just like the whole region the city was over the centuries under control of lots of different sovereigns, but the most important – especially looking at the architecture – have been several centuries under Venetian governance.

The most important buildings for sightseeing are the absolutely beautiful St. Jacob Cathedral , which is also UNESCO world heritage (just like the old town of Trogir and the Diocletian palace in Split), and St. Michael’s Fortress overlooking the city – and the spot where I did almost all the pictures featured below:

St. Jacob Cathedral

Venetian-Dalmatian Style Main Square

Old Town with St. Jacob Cathedral from St. Michael's Fortress

Overlooking Šibenik from St. Michael's Fortress

Krka goes Adriatic Sea at Šibenik

The Krka National Park

The National Park covers ca. 20 km of the river Krka course between Knin and Skradin. In these 20 km the river goes down 46 m in height in 7 big and a huge number of smaller waterfalls. Totally spectacular is also the lake Visovac with its artificially built island and the Visovac monastery.

The landscape of the Krka National Park is also famous for being the location of several scenes of the famous Winnetou movies. So look out, dear US American readers, this is how we in Germany think that your Wild West looked liked :o)

When our little group made its day trip to the Krka National Park the good luck was sad enough not with us. When we left Trogir the weather was still okay, but the closer we came to Šibenik the darker became the sky and turned from grey to black and finally it started raining - or to be more exact - pouring with rain. So except 1,5 hour right in the middle of the trip it was raining all the time. It was such a pitty especially for the ones in our group who visited the park for the very first time and now could not experience its beauty running around with wet feet and shivering in the cold only badly protected by thin jackets and some umbrellas (the number of umbrellas was significantly smaller than the number of people in the group).

Thank god the landscape of the park is so stunningly beautiful that I could make some nice shots even through the rain. I hope you’ll enjoy:

Diverse Krka Waterfalls

Island and Monastary Visovac

The Krka Canyon - Winnetou Style

Krka - view in the direction of Skradin

The final day of our trip we had no organized program and so I took the chance and hopped on a bus at 9 am and went home to Rogoznica. To be that close but not visiting my village seemed to be impossible to me. Other than in Trogir, where lots of tourist were still filling the streets, Rogoznica lay already in total post season silence – quite relaxing after a whole week of action. I visited Marija and Ante for breakfast and a wonderful lunch with fresh grilled fish and enjoyed the breathtaking view from one of Dalmatia’s most beautiful terraces and went swimming in the cold but nice Adriatic.

On my way back the “summer is over – time to say good bye to Dalmatia for now” melancholy hit me pretty hard and I cried bitter-sweet tears … just like every year.


But of course I’ll be back as soon as possible J


  1. I love Sibenik as well. :) The view from St.Michael's Fortress is amazing, I had it on my desktop for quite a while. :) And for some reason I just LOVE how the town looks like in the evening, when it's already dark... As for the Krka National park... it's one of my dreams to get there, but it seems quite difficult to do alone in winter. That's a pity, I've heard that it's an amazing place... Gosh, this is such a small country, but there are so many wonderful places to visit and lots of interesting things to see...
    I think it's great that despite your intense schedule you still managed to visit Rogoznica. It's really important to be able to visit the places that feel like home, it gives us strength to move on...
    Thanks again for the wonderful posts about the most wonderful region of the beautiful Croatia! :)

  2. It was me, Masha. Forgot to write my name. :)))