Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On the road again

Time to hit the road again!

Tomorrow morning at 6 am I am off to Dalmatia. This time it's not the regular beach holiday with family and friends. This time I am part of an official mission joining a group of around 60 people who will visit the beautiful city of Trogir to celebrate the new city partnership between Vaterstetten and Trogir.

The program our hosts created for us is fantastic and includes visits of Šibenik, Split, Krka National Park and of course a guided tour through the amazing city of Trogir, which is UNESO World Heritage.

In addition lots of festivities and get togethers are planned and  I am very sure, that we'll have a great  time and make a lot of new friends.
I will take a lot of pictures and when I am back next week I will start a series of postings about this trip and introduce you to some of the nicest places in Dalmatia.
So look out for updates up from the end of next week and take care for now!


  1. @ Michelle: It is totally awesome. The perfect way to spend the last days of the summer.
    Christina, sending greetings from Trogir / Dalmatia