Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sloping Dalmatia

Like most of you may have seen in the small explanation on the blog site I borrowed the word "sloping" from the aviation vocabulary, where it is a quite technical term describing a plane flying a curve (simply said).

My interpretation is more philosophical, but nevertheless I am fascinated from the perspectives and views you have out of an airplane and funny enough for a person, who cannot even walk bridges, I am not afraid of the height when I am flying and do not suffer any dizziness - NICE :)!

So when I travelled down to Dalmatia on July 17 I had to change flights in Zagreb and could make some really beautiful shots out of the plane on my connecting flight from Zagreb to Split.


Sloping Lika

Sloping Kornati

Sloping Marina Frapa / Rogoznica - Home Sweet Home

Sloping Sky & Sea (actually BOTH is on this picture - sloping in perfection ... drifting without horizon)

Sloping Trogirska Rivijera (and landing just a few seconds later)

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