Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twinkling in the Twilight

I am late – almost too late.

I was busy the last couple of days looking for pictures for this posting, researching book and movie titles, but I got distracted too much by work and SOCCER.

So it happened what had to happen – Ginny was first with her gorgeous Twilight posting on That’s Church. And it looks like that even with the big chunk of land and water between Munich and Pittsburgh some brains think alike ;) .
So go and read what I was – kind of – at some parts supposed to write, too, (but won’t ‘cause that would be boring) and get a first bunch of Twilight fun at That’s Church.

While you are hopefully back now, I could sort my thoughts a bit. So let’s get some things straight at first:

Before anybody hires a killer to rip me off the net:
I have nothing to say against Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. I just don’t care about them much, because I am not into kids and not even kids with six packs. I also have nothing against Kirsten Stewart. I love the kid for so NOT being Miley Cyrus.
And I have also nothing against vampire stories at all. I do completely the contrary - I LOVE vampire stories in books and movies. With my grandfather being born in Lord Dracula’s (Vlad Tepes’) own country I am really fascinated by the myth.
Finally I do not even want to talk people out of reading the Twilight Saga although - seriously - it’s not a highlight of contemporary literature language and style wise. But at least it makes people reading, who usually don’t read and that’s always good.
I personally could not do more than the first book. I kind of enjoyed the action parts – especially the main showdown, but I cannot stand the Bella & Edward thingy. I mean, on like 75% of the several hundred pages it is all about the girl questioning herself, why that 100% perfect boy falls for her and her admiring him for his perfection. Uh– sorry it’s 2010 and for me this is not the idea of a relationship I want to have planted in the brains of 14-year-old girls. Seriously NOT.

But still – read what you love to read as long as you read at all …
What I would like to do here now, is encouraging everybody interested to read more and maybe check out some more cool movies. There is a lot of great stuff out there in the world of the undead and what I will mention here is only a tiny selection out of my favorites:

Go back to the roots and check out “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”. It’s a great book and a real classic. And if the movies are more yours than books – no problem:
Genius Francis Ford Coppola made a FANTASTIC movie back in 1992 and for me there will be never another vampire giving me girl’s chills than Gary Oldman.
Sorry Rob … you’ll have to practice a lot to get any time close to the acting capability of Mr. Oldman, but he was 10 years older than Robert Pattinson now, when he became the Prince of Darkness so there is some time left for RPattz to catch up - maybe.

If you are like me interested in the myth and its historical background then my next recommendation, is “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, a lady who dedicated a whole decade of her life to the research for this book and makes it feel amazingly real. Just the ending is a bit disappointing in my opinion, but it is still a great book which will make you shiver joyfully.

All that old stuff is not cool enough for you? No problem – go for Russia and check out Sergej Lukyanenko’s trilogy "Night Watch", "Day Watch", "Twilight Watch" and you’ll never look at a pocket lamp in the same way again and always have one by hand - just in case.
The Russian movie for “Night Watch” is a very cool and pretty disturbing experience, too, I can strongly recommend.

Still too eccentric for you? You just want to rent a DVD and eat Popcorn? Then – as long as some splatter and splashing blood is not a problem – Wesley Snipes’ "Blade" movies are yours.
That could go on forever … with the books of vampire queen Anne Rice (not so much my piece of cake, but classics of the genre) or the stories around the bloody (historically proven) Countess Erzebet Bathory, who’s story influenced the myth around Dracula a lot, and much more.

So you young (or not so young anymore) blood suckers – go out and read:
There is so much more to explore than just Twilight – even in this little side path of storytelling and mythology.


PS: Just one more thing: When a vampire is hit by the sun he or she is NOT sparkling like Tinkerbell, not twinkling and not shining. He / she’ll die with a noise like "tsooooosh" and that’s it. PERIOD.
FOLLOW UP February 6, 2011:

Since I wrote the posting my whole little vampire world good shaken up, but the good way.

Starting with a looooong DVD session at my friend's place on new year's eve I became SUCH a fan of the TV show TRUE BLOOD.
MAN ... that is vampire stuff at its best ... dark, sexy, ironic, funny, sad, crazy, thrilling, sometimes really evil ;) - and always sooooooooo good!!!
I love the excellent writing, the spicy dialogues, the sense of humor, the incredibly detailed décor of the sets, the cool special effects - just everything (I am enthusiatic - I know).
And ladies - this show has the hottest male cast ever with Pittsburgh's own Joe Manganiello and viking Alexander Skarsgård being the best eye candy on prime time TV since ... I don't know.

BTW ... these TRUE BLOOD vampires also BURN when they try to daywalk and the visual effect is the opposite of twinkling ... just sayin'!

WAITING SUCKS ... Season 4 will start summer 2011!

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  1. Yeeeees! Lukianenkos Watchers!! I love the books, and i really love the first movie - Night Watch! (The second one was done by the bad side ;-)).

    As for movies, i also very much enjoyed the film after the Anne Rice novel, "interview with a vampire" (was it?) Tom Cruise showing his real face and character ;-), and Antonio Banderas being a very very sexy vampire, while Brad Pitt can´t really get used to having to have blood cocktails.

    And if you want something really really spooky and scary, try "Nosferatu", either the original from the 1920s (?) with Max Schreck or the remake with infamous Klaus Kinski seducing sweet Isabelle Adjani...Not the sexiest and cutest of Vampires, but definitely the spookiest. *Goosebumps*