Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The eight arms of doom

If asked people how they would describe a typical German one of the most popular adjectives will be “rational” and “earnest” or “serious” .

Well, forget about it. We are nothing like that all.
Want an example?

Since last afternoon EVERY single talk I had – from family, to coworker, to friends started with the following sentence:
“I am scared! Did you hear that Paul roots for Spain?”
And I kept asking myself: “Who the f*** is Paul?”

When I finally asked the diverse people looked at me like I was an naïve idiot and the following conversation occurred:

Friend: “This is so bad! Did you hear that Paul chose Spain as the winning team for the semi final? I am seriously scared.”

Me: “Everybody keeps telling me this. But who is PAUL?”

Friend (puzzled): “You don’t know? It’s Paul, the octopus soccer oracle, and he never failed.”

Me: “WHAT???? Octopus soccer oracle? You serious?”

Friend: “Sure!”

Me: “Oooookay.”

And that’s the story:

Paul lives in an aquarium and is indeed an octopus. Before a game his animal caretaker puts two containers with octopus food (fresh mussels btw) in the aquarium. Each of the containers has the flag of one of the teams on it. The team whose container is chosen first by Paul to eat from wins the game. He never failed with his predictions for the German team during this world cup. Yesterday he chose SPAIN and now everybody is officially scared!

Am I scared, too? Yes I am a bit, but not so much because of Paul but because of Thomas Mueller not being allowed to play tonighgt.

But I still believe in our team and so I say: See you in the final, Oranjes!


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