Friday, June 11, 2010

Yippieh Yay Hey - THE BELIEVER arrived!

For those of you, who never heard about "The Believer" here is the basic information from their website:

"The Believer is a monthly magazine where length is no object.There are book reviews that are not necessarily timely,and that are very often very long. There are interviews that are also very long.We will focus on writers and books we like. We will give people and books the benefit of the doubt. The working title of this magazine was The Optimist."

I ran into this jewel of a magazine, when I was searching the web for something about the fantastic author Aleksandar Hemon. I found this wonderful article from - you guess it already - The Believer:
"Aleksandar Hemon in conversation with Colum McCann"

That made me doing some research about the magazine and I fell in love with the philosophy behind it and the cool illustrations. Additionally I really need some good source of information about contemporary English (speaking) literature anyway. I was already almost convinced when I found out that - like the icing on the cream cake - The Believer's home is my beloved SAN FRANCISCO. The guys work from an office at The Mission. How cool is that?

The small rest of resistance melt away when I emailed the super quick and friendly customer service to find out the costs for international shipping (affordable) and talked to a really nice guy, who was super excited about the fact that now an issue of the mag would travel over the Atlantic month by month.

And here I am - an official subsciber of The Believer, who had the first issue in the post today. LOVE IT!

Check it out: The Believer from San Francisco

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