Sunday, June 27, 2010

Partnership with Trogir

I had planned doing this post already two weeks ago, but my back pain hiatus kept me away from the computer at that time. The happier I am now after a sunny Saturday in Vaterstetten to pick it up:

It’s been a little more than a year ago, that a (Croatian) friend and I went the first time to the little town of Vaterstetten just outside Munich. We had heard about a German-Croatian or better Bavarian-Dalmatian festival going on there and of course it caught our interest. When we arrived on a warm summer day in the late afternoon at the main square we stopped dead by surprise:
The place was packed with smiling people in normal clothes as well as in Bavarian and Dalmatian traditional costumes dancing, drinking and hugging. In the middle of the happy chaos we found all kind of Croatian officials like the consul general and the young major of the Bavarian town singing Dalmatian songs. All this was decorated with the smell of garlic and grilled calamari – the smell of a Dalmatian summer night - and the cling of people toasting with cold Karlovačko bottles.
For a second we looked at each other and asked “What the hell is going on here?” but then we smiled at each other and throw ourselves into the festival fun.

What we experienced that night was the official birth of the city partnership between Vaterstetten and Trogir, an UNESCO preserved, beautiful and very old town at the Dalmatian coast near the city of Split – and 20 minutes by car from my Croatian home in Rogoznica.

As you can imagine I was (and am) so blown away by this amazing project run by totally enthusiastic people (officials as well as volunteering citizens of both towns), that I lately happily joined - in addition to DVORI e.V. – also the Partnership with Trogir society in Vaterstetten.

Sad enough I was totally unable to enjoy the first birthday of the partnership due to my severe back pain, but this weekend I had my second chance to join the team at Vaterstetten Street Festival to represent the city partnership.
Most of the work was done by others this time (thank you!!!) but I was happy to help out a bit every here and there. It was great to see people stopping by the nice booth packed with Dalmatian specialties, pictures and information material about Trogir.

I am very positive that this partnership will bring our two countries closer together in the best way possible with people meeting each other, learning about each other’s culture and become FRIENDS.

The next big project it our visiting tour to Trogir in September and I am already looking forward to it a lot!

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