Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Maiden Flight

Wow .... this is exciting ... even more exciting than I thought it would be. The birth of my new baby - my blog "Sloping in the Sky".

Why a blog?
Because I am a jealous chick ;)! Sloping through the infinite data-universe of the world wide web I met a couple of wonderful people having really, really cool blogs and after a while I wanted one myself more and more every day - and here we are :)

Who is my inspiration?
Check my link list and my blogroll and you'll know it :)

What this will be NOT about?
This is no virtual diary. If you want to know more about me as a private person come around and meet me for real, send me an email or a nice old fashioned paper letter (love it!), but I won't post and discuss real private stuff.

What this will be all about?
All and nothing, I am afraid. I will use this place to write about all kind of things like people, places, music, art, literature, cinema, theater, travels, thoughts, ideas, inspiration and all kind of adventures in my life.

Very special cudos go to:

Marica Bodrožić (and Gregor Hens) for letting the German language sound beautiful and powerful, always finding a way to touch my soul and being a HUGE inspiration at their blog "Gretel und Hänsel".

Virginia Montanez for being super funny, smart, vivacious and outspoken at her amazing blog "That's Church".

Diana Baur for posting the most beautiful pictures, thoughtful stories and yummy recipes at "A Certain Simplicity". She makes you feel welcome not only at her stunning B&B in Italy but also on her blog.

All right - I'll let you go now and check out the sites of those blogging professionals - ENJOY!

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  1. Oh, am i the first one to comment?? *blush* Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on a very good idea put into practice, i love this aereal feel around this blog, it´s like a breath of new and fresh air with a dash of peppermint! I guess i´ll board flights on a regular basis on here!

    Aaaaallll the best to you and your newborn, and see ya again soon!