Thursday, June 17, 2010

Još mjesec dana ...

I know - this is not really fair. Especially not for the ones who need to stay at home over the summer, but in exactly ONE MONTH this will be again my view!!!!!
Yippieh!!! What you see here is the Marina Frapa of Rogoznica shot from the roof deck terrace of the house where we usually stay.

To say "I can't wait!" is not enough. I am counting down the days! I so need to get out of the wet mousehole Munich became lately.
Quote from tonight's weather report: "In Southern Germany we expect 50 liters of rain per squaremeter tonight and tomorrow!" I mean ... PLEASE - that is so NOT summer!

And this won't be a holiday like so many before! It will be very special, because we are one person more this summer!
It will be the first Croatian holiday for my wonderful little niece Emina - at least the first out of mommy's belly. If we would count "in-belly-vacation" it is already her second time ;).
I am sure it will be FUN. The whole village will be curious to see the new family member and she will for sure take everybody's heart in storm - like she always does.

Did I said before that "I CAN'T WAIT"? I did? Sorry for repeating myself NOT ;)
PS: Little bummer - when you redeem your miles Lufthansa is NOT offering direct flights from Munich to Split on the dates I need them. I will have to change in Zagreb / Vienna and that makes it quite a trip again. *SIGH*

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