Thursday, June 10, 2010

The "In-my-head-radio-station"

Lately something really strange happened to me:

I woke up at 3 am in the morning because the "In-my-head-radio-station" was playing SO LOUD!

Means: I am ready to get treatement because I hear voices in my head ;)

In fact I woke up because a song was playing inside my brain.
Those of you who know me for a while, know that I have a huge jukebox in my head anyway. Over 20 years of being a music buff, selling music in record shops (off- and online) and hanging out at a lot of (mostly rock) concerts left their footsteps for sure. And of course it happens quite often that a song comes to my mind for diverse reasons. But even for me waking up due a song playing in my head is a rare experience.

The strange thing is that I of course knew the song, but it never meant anything special to me before. It's been this one:

Well - of course this is exactly my piece of cake ... classic, blues rock. The music I love most, but I've never been a big fan of Tom Petty (nothing against him, just did not pay really attention ...) and never closely listened to this tune.

But I am a good girl and started the day after this weird nightly event with downloading a 48 songs live anthology of Tom Petty's most popular songs to my MP3 player / cellphone - and I have to say: I LOVE IT!

So thank you "In-my-head-radio-station" for the nice recommendation.

BTW ... I still have no idea where it was coming from and why. I have a guess, but that I will keep private until I can proof myself right, which will - maybe - never happen ;)

Have fun enjoying the song!

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  1. I love that song! Reminds me of an ex boyfriend a long long time ago. He once gave a cassette with Tom Petty songs to me. But it's still a weird story waking up because you're hearing a song in your head. Just keep me informed if it's getting worse ;-)