Sunday, June 13, 2010

Backpain Hiatus :(

I am very dissapointed. I have started my blog only few days ago and had planned a couple of updates and articles for today, but instead I have to announce the first - hopefully short - hiatus.

Yesterday just before I got ready to go the Vaterstetten-Trogir party I was looking forward to for weeks, I did a bad move / turn and hurt my back.

I went to Vaterstetten but the pain got worse over the day and today I can barely move. Only a very few positions are pain free. Easy things like going to the bathroom became time consuming and painful adventures. I look like shit, my apartment looks like shit (cleaning and tyding up was No. 1 of today's to do list), life feels like shit :(

I am going to see the doctor tomorrow morning and although I hate injections I so hope for some really effectful pain killer (all I have at home - pills and ointments - is not doing anything good).

As soon as I can think of anything else than AUTSCH! I'll be back.

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